Professionals at JMJ based on their market research provides business feasibility reports that help reduce expenses, safeguard clients’ assets and increases their revenues. The objective is to ensure that the resources of the organization are optimized in order to get maximum possible value.

JMJ also offers reliable and top-notch consultancy services on all matters pertaining to property investment in Dubai. Our excellent contacts with key local and international companies including developers, banks and legal consultants are our main strengths.   

Rest assured you can have direct access to our team of experienced consultants to sort out your finance and investment needs effectively.

The one-stop-services such as Dubai mortgages, Dubai Loans, Dubai Finance offered by us is perfect for the respective property purchaser, developer, or investor. 

  • Auditing
  • Business Feasibility & Valuation
  • Bank Facilities & Financial Solutions
  • Re-finance
  • Property Finance
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